• 3RE: Remote Religious Remedies

    3RE: Remote Religious Remedies

    仮想空間における宗教的遠隔治療に関する情動・感覚の文化人類学的研究 Anthropological Research on Remote Religious Healing, Affect and Feeling in the Virtual Space


    The present project investigates religious and spiritual healing with a focus on affect, the senses and perception. While comparing ethnographic data about six different social contexts and the different uses of internet platforms, it aims at shedding light on their similarities and differences.

    Project Members:
    • DE ANTONI Andrea (PI/代表者)
    • ISHII Miho 石井 美保
    • IMOTO Yuki 井本 由紀
    • TSUMURA Fumihiko 津村 文彦
    • MURATSU Ran 村津 蘭
    • HUANG Xinzhe 黄 信者